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Although dartboards are made from high quality materials like Kenyon Sisal, they need regular maintenance to ensure they don’t suffer wear and tear, dart board dimensions and prolong it’s lifespan. Here are a few things you can do to keep your dartboard in good working condition:      Now, the height of the dartboard we’ve just discussed is for an average adult standing. What will happen if someone is seated in a wheelchair? Now, according to Russ Strobel, the game of darts needed to be more user-friendly to disabled players as well. In this regard, Russ presented a recommendation to the Australian Dart’s Board for a dartboard height that would be suitable for players seated on wheelchairs.      The Irish Black and Lincolnshire dart boards have a very distinctive look, plain black with only one outer ring and a single bull, yet conform to the standard height of 5ft 8inches and the standard distance of 7ft 9inch between the front board and the player.      Steel tip dartboards are made of natural rope fiber called sisal.  The fibers are compressed under pressure and dart board dimensions banded together with steel, then bonded to a non-warping backboard.  The surface is then sanded and screenprinted with the intended design.  Finally, dartboard height and distance the wires are stapled on the number ring and placed on with clips to allow for easy rotation in case of warn areas.       Electronic dartboards are quite a different prospect to playing a traditional bristle dartboard. They are seen by some as an alternative, or a way of practicing to play bristle darts, but the truth is that the board itself is pretty different, and height of dart board you will notice a huge amount of variation between the two.      Right, so you’ve set up the space and hung your dartboard. But have you chosen your darts? If your dartboard came with darts, they’re probably good enough to get you started. But if you want to choose your own, or take your game to the next level, it’s time to think seriously about which dart is right for you. Take a look at Which dart should I buy? for darts distance the full lowdown.      Note that your dartboard should always be flush to your wall and not leaning like a picture when installed. This position keeps your dartboard steady and dartboard height sturdy throughout your sets.      Over the years the regional variation on ‘Hockey’ or ‘Oche’ length has always been an issue with players moving from one County to another. Throwing distances have been anything from 6’- 9’, most common 7’, 7’2", 7’6", dart board length 8’ and 9’ So why is the official length 7’ 9 ¼" 2.37m?      Normally the official dartboard height for a standing player is 173cm ( centre of bull ), however Russ Strobel the founder of the WDDA have been successful in gaining official recognition that an equal and fair dartboard height for a wheelchair player is 137cm ( centre of bull ).      The third measurement you have to get right when honoring international standards is the distance between the center of the board and the oche, and it should be 9 feet and 7½ inches, or 293 cm.

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