MOBI European Homebrew Competition


MoBI – Movimento Birrario Italiano organizes the first European HB Competition among the EBCU Countries Members



The competition will be held in Rome, Italy during the annual EurHop! Roma beer Festival on 9 October 2016


Who can participate:

EBCU member countries can participate with a maximum of 16 beers per country. Only hombrewed beer can be entered. Criteria for entry selection will be independently established by each Country (for example, ranking at a HB national competition, selection competion etc). EBCU Country members are free to involve national HB associations to select the beers and can delegate some activities (such as beer selection).


How to enter beers:

EBCU Country members must enter their entries directly through the MoBI website (link will be provided to participant Countries before 01/06/2016). The European HB Competition will be a BJCP sanctioned competition, conducted according to BJCP rules ( and based on 2015 Style guidelines (


Beer categories:

EBCU member countries have to enter at least 2 beers in each of the following main categories (that means that Countries has to enter at least 12 beers out of 16 permitted):

  • Belgian and French beers (BJCP Categories: 24, 25, 26)
  • American beers (BJCP Categories: 1, from 18 to 22
  • English, Scottish and Irish beers (BJCP Categories: 9C, 11, 12A, 12C, from 13 to 17)
  • German and Czech beers (BJCP Categories: from 3 to 8, 9A, 9B, 10)
  • Experimental beers (BJCP Categories: 27, 29, 30, 31, 32B, 33, 34, X3)
  • Sour and wild beers (BJCP Categories: 23, 28)


Rank and awards:

Only 1st to 5th beer in each category will earn points and, among them, no more than 2 beers per Country



Entry fee for each beer entered by a participant: €10.00

All entries must be entered into our online system between 04/07/2016 and 15/09/2016**

All bottles must be received at the designated location at least 2 weeks (25 September) before the competition**

** The details of entering beers and location for beers delivery will be communicated later on our


Number of Bottles Per Entry:

At least 3 bottles per entry are required. Minimum size of each bottle: 33cl



An international jury with proven experience will be selected. Judges can participate to the competition but cannot judge the category they entered the beer.